The IIT Bombay Student Satellite Project is a landmark project taken up by IIT Bombay students. The objective of this project is to make IIT Bombay a respected centre for advancement in Satellite and Space Technology in the world. The project aims at launching at least 5 satellites within the next few years. These Satellites could be test-beds for new technology that is being developed in the institute and also a method for space qualification.

'Pratham' is the first satellite under this project. The plan is to build a fully functional microsatellite in less than three years which would then be launched by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). This is entirely a student initiative with mentorship provided by ISRO scientists and IIT Bombay Faculty. The satellite will fit in a 26*26*26 cm cube and will weigh 9.8Kg.

For the relevance of our satellite to the student community, we will be transmitting satellite data when the satellite passes over India so that any interested university with a small ground station will not only be able to detect the beacon signal from our satellite but will also be able to measure TEC above their ground station. This is proposed to spread awareness among the student community about this exciting field. The Pratham Project presents a wonderful learning experience to the students of working on a real life multi-disciplinary complex system. A lot of importance is attached to learning, this is evident from the success criterion.

  • Satellite Details

  • Size: 260mm X 260mm X 260mm
  • Payload: Measuring TEC
  • Orbit: 10:30 Polar Sun-Synchronous
  • Altitude: 817 Km
  • Downlink: 437.455MHz and 145.98MHz
  • Uplink: 437.455 MHz
  • Mission Life: 4 months
SolidWorks rendering of Pratham satellite

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Pratham, IIT Bombay Student Satellite Project
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