Mission Statement of Pratham

'Pratham' has a Four-fold Mission Statement:

  • Enabling students and faculty to gain knowledge and experience in the field of Satellite and Space technology.
  • Empowering the Satellite Team with the skills to develop the Satellite through various phases of Design, Analysis, Fabrication and Testing until the Flight Model is made.
  • Launching the satellite into orbit and measuring Total Electron Count of the Ionosphere.
  • Involving students from other universities in our Satellite mission by building ground stations in their universities.

For the relevance of our satellite to the student community, we will be transmitting satellite data when the satellite passes over India so that any interested university with a small ground station will not only be able to detect the beacon signal from our satellite but will also be able to measure TEC above their ground station. This is proposed to spread awareness among the student community about this exciting field.

The Pratham Project presents a wonderful learning experience to the students of working on a real life multi-disciplinary complex system. Learning enhancement through CDIO (Conceiving – Designing – Implementing – Operating) has been one of the major objectives of this project. Since a lot of importance is attached to learning, it is duly visible in the Success Criterion for the Mission.

Success Criterion

Mission Success
Flight Model ready
Beacon Signal Recieved
TEC Measurements at IITB
Satellite Functional for 4 months