mainly numerical simulations  and analysis in high-speed flow,  time-domain electromagnetics, ideal magnetohydrodynamics


    Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Bangalore (1997 – 2001)

    Technion, Haifa (1995 – 1997)

representative work:

·         Multiple sound generation in interaction of shock wave with strong vortex,
(with S. Vijayaraj), AIAA Journal, (2008).

·         Screech frequency prediction in underexpanded axisymmetric screeching jets,
(with D. Ghodake & A. Singh), International Journal of Aeroacoustics,  (2009).

·         Electromagnetic wave propagation in linearly dispersive media using higher-order
WENO scheme, (with S. Sardeshpande), Journal of Electromagnetic Waves & Applications,

·         Cell-vertex based multigrid solution of the time domain Maxwell's equations
(with N. Deore), Progress in Electromagnetics Research B, (2010). pdf



·         Finite Volume Time Domain (FVTD) method. ppt