Tracking Pratham

The Ham community is very critical to the success of any satellite working in the amateur band. We are also looking forward to hearing from Hams around the world for beacon and telemetry reports.

Pratham has been assigned the Identifier - 41783 by NORAD. It can now be tracked using n2yo at

Here are the details required to track the satellite.

Beacon Telemetry
Frequency 145.98 MHz 437.455 MHz
Modulation CW Morse code FSK, AX.25
Data rate 35 wpm 1200 bps
EIRP 23 dbm 18 dbm
Region transmitted over Whole World India and France

Listen to one of the First Beacon signals received from Pratham


Please share with us the Downlink of Pratham received by you at or

‚ÄčThe following is the TLE data for the satellite:

1 41785U 16059C 16271.69947962 .00004609 00000-0 88934-3 0 9999
2 41785 98.2049 329.2442 0030494 263.1090 96.7138 14.63229411 193