Student Satellite IITB



1st Sept : Material for Qualification Model bought from Virat



8th Feb 2010: Magnetometer for Flight Model arrives from Honeywell, Bangalore

26th Feb 2010: Saptarshi brings the Sunsensors from LEOS, Bangalore

27th Feb 2010: GPS and Puck Antenna for Flight Model arrives from Accord


26th April 2010: Hardware boards of Power, OBC and Communication arrive from Yashana.


1st May 2010: Clean Room in Pratham's Lab is up and working!

5th May 2010: Fabricated Qualification Model arrives from Subir Manufacturing, Vasai by Ankit and Giri.

16th May 2010: Giri and Nithin take the Qualification Model panels to ISAC for anodization in the transportation box designed by Ankit.

20th May 2010: Power code completed by Chaitanya. Sanyam has finished checking it.

25th May 2010: Level 1 testing of Power code done by Chaitanya and Sanyam.


3rd June 2010: OBC and Power board fully soldered, thanks to Saket, Adwait and Sanyam.

7th June 2010: Level 1 testing of OBC board done by Saket and Sanyam.

9th June 2010: Giri and Avnish bring back the Black Anodised panels of the Qualification Model from ISAC.

10th June 2010: Level 1 testing of Power board done by Adwait and Sanyam.

15th June 2010: Transportation Box for the satellite is complete! It was designed by Kumar Raja.

16th June 2010: Haripriya made a presentation to the French Team from EADS Astrium that had come to IIT Bombay. Astrium makes and launches the Ariane rockets for ESA.

19th June 2010: 3rd Ground Station workshop started with a bang as we tracked the VO52 HAMSAT with IITB ground station with the help of Jayant Singh! For more details about the workshop, see the Ground Station Workshop page. Times of India covered the workshop in the Sunday Times. Some images from the workshop are shown below.

20th June 2010: Pratham Team conducted a review of COEP Pune's Satellite. The satellite details were presented by Nishchay, their Project Head.

22nd June 2010: Critical Design Review of Thermals Sub-System successfully completed. The review was presented by Nithin from the Thermals Team. Prof Mujumdar, Prof Sudhakar and Prof Arya were present. Thanks to Mr. Nagaraju's results from ISAC, we now have a good thermal design and this Sub-System is close to finishing all its work!

24th June 2010: Critical Design Review of Power Sub-System was held in the morning. Prof Sudhakar, Prof Belur and Prof Arya were present. Many suggestions were given for the improvement of the hardware and software.

26th June 2010: Critical Design Review of Attitude Determination and Controls Sub-System successfully completed. The review was presented by Jaideep who flew down from Bangalore. Prof Hablani was present. All control simulations have been completed.

28th June 2010: Sanyam has been successful in sending analog sine wave from Matlab to the Data Acquisition Card and detecting it.

29th June 2010: Critical Design Review of Structures Sub-System successfully completed. The review was presented by Anirudh. Prof Sudhakar, Prof Arya and Prof Joshi were present. The structures simulations have been completed.

30th June 2010: Preliminary Design Review of Integration Sub-System successfully completed. The review was presented by Haripriya. Prof Sudhakar, Prof Arya, Prof Hablani, Prof Amarnath and Prof Moudgalya were present. It was an awesome review enjoyed by both the students and faculty. See the Virtual Integration Sequence made by Ankit, which was one of the highlights of the review.


3rd July to 9th July 2010: Mr. Pierdavide Coïsson and Dr. Olivier Robert from IPGP, France came to IIT Bombay for discussions with Pratham team. They are accompanied by Ms. Marie Arnoux, Ms. Ingrid Blanchard, Mr. Boris Robert and Mr. Loïc Viens, students from Université Paris Diderot, France. The trip was awesome and both the teams have learnt a lot! We wish to keep up the discussions and collaboration, to make the Ground Station and TEC data very useful for the scientific community.

4th July 2010: Dr. Nirvikar Dashora from National Atmospheric Research Laboratory (NARL), Gadanki, AP had come to discuss the possibility of setting up a Ground Station at NARL and also use the Pratham data.

10th July 2010: Haripriya presented a lecture on Pratham to 40 students and faculty members from Cape Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu.

24th July 2010: Saptarshi delivers a detailed lecture about Pratham to Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI). We received commitments from many national and private carriers for the transportation of our satellite.


1st August 2010: YUVA magazine covered Pratham. Check page 58 for the article.

5th August 2010: The Critical Design Documents of all the Sub-Systems of Pratham has been sent to ISAC. They have given us the date of 7th September 2010 for the Critical Design Review to be conducted at IITB or at ISAC.

7th August 2010: Pratham was covered by Mid-day. See the article here.

13th August 2010: Thanks to the tireless efforts put in by Hussain and Ameya, the seven on-board circuit boards for the Qualification Model of Pratham have gone for fabrication to Aidin Technologies, Bangalore.

16th August 2010: Chaitanya and Prashant have successfully configured the CC1020 using the Master muC, and sent data using the Slave muC. Nikunj and Saurabh have successfully configured the CC1020 and sent data using the Slave muC, where a set of GPIO pins have been coded to perform like SPI using bit-banging. This is the first time in Pratham's history that we have to choose between two possible options, when the hardware for both of them is ready and working!!


1st September 2010: The Qualification Model structure was assembled inside the Clean Room. Here are some pictures.

5th September 2010: The Communication Team including Kartavya, Tushar, Pushkar and Kanwal tracked the International Space Station and decoded its FM signal.

7th September 2010: A panel of scientists; namely Mr. D.V.A. Raghava Murthy, Mr. Subramanya Udupa, Mr. Harish K Joglekar, Mr. Mr. Venugopalan, Mr. Ajaya Kumar, Mr. P.N. Babu, came to IITB to have the Critical Design Review of Pratham. Detailed presentation on Integration, Communication and Electrical Sub-Systems were presented before the panel. Since the review couldn't be completed due to lack of time, it will be continued in ISAC at a later date.

23rd September 2010: Mr. Janardhan and Mr. Rajadurai from the US Consulate visited our Satellite Lab. They were impressed with our work and wished success to our mission.


27th September to 1st October 2010: 5 students from IITB attended the International Astronautical Congress 2010 at Prague and present the 2 papers on Pratham. The students from IITB are Mr. Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay, Ms. Haripriya, Mr. Jhonny Jha, Ms. Deepika Thakur and Mr. Sanyam Mulay. They were joined by Mr. Ashish Goel (Stanford) and Mr. Shashank Tamaskar (Purdue) who were former team members of Pratham. It is a proud moment for the student team of Pratham as their work is being recognised at the international level. It was a very good enriching experience for the students who attended the conference. An article about the visit was printed in Times of India.

3rd October to 9th October 2010: Students from Pratham project were invited to spend a week at Paris by Prof. Lognonne and his team at Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris and Université Paris Diderot. The students were extremely lucky to have a wonderful time with the hosts, discuss and interact with the students of the university, visit EADS Astrium, enjoy the wonderful cuisine and accommodation. We would like to thank Prof. Lognonne, Mr. Pierdavide Coïsson, Dr. Olvier Robert, Ms. Marie Arnoux, Ms. Ingrid Blanchard and Mr. Boris Robert for letting us spend a very memorable and eventful week in Paris.

10th October 2010: The Solid Works model of the new and advanced Ground Station at IIT Bombay was made. This GS has the facility for calibration and accurate measurement of the angles between antennae. Thanks to Tushar, Ankit and Giri for its progress and hope to see it in Aerospace Department terrace soon.

14th October 2010: We celebrated Sudhakar Sir's birthday in Satellite Lab. We are really proud to have such an awesome person among us. Thank you so much Sir!!!

15th October 2010: Components for the soldering of electrical board were sent to Aidin, thanks to tireless efforts by Kartavya and Jhonny.

19th October 2010: Renowned technologist Dr. George Schmidt, MIT, Boston, and Draper Lab veteran visited IITB for an IEEE Distinguished Lecture. We were lucky to present our project to him and hear his word of encouragement.

23rd - 24th October 2010: Open Labs Day was celebrated within IITB under the ENTHUSE, "Pre-Internship Learning Opportunities and Open Challenges" initiative. The Satellite Lab was kept open and students from all over the institute visited the lab and were shown around the Lab by Sanyam, Ankit, Jhonny, Haripriya, Kanwal, Giri and Dhruv. Thanks to all the volunteers for making this event a grand success!



4th January 2011: OILS is running realtime with xPC, except the IGRF code. Below is the screenshot of the xPC screen. Congrats to Ankit, Sanyam and Saptarshi!

5th January 2011: Ankit Chiplunkar, Ramnath Pai and Anirudh Subramanyam have written a paper for the Mahindra AYE Award which got accepted for the conference in March 2011. The paper titled "Analysis and validation of the structure of Pratham, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay's first student satellite" focuses on the work carried out by the Structures subsystem during the last 12 months.

7th - 9th January 2011: Pratham made an impressive show at the Techconnect exhibition during Techfest 2011, thanks to Saptarshi, Haripriya, Jhonny, Giri, Deepika, Hussain, Kumaraja, Nikunj, Saurabh, Sanyam, Ankit, Kanwalpreet, Dhanashree, Dhruv and Tushar. The following poster was made for this occasion by Haripriya and Saptarshi. (Full size image of poster)

17th January 2011: The new Communication Check Routine was written after incorporating the corrections pointed out by Mr. Pierdavide Coïsson from IPGP, France. The coverage around the world is shown, with height and elevation angle as variables.

21st January 2011: Four shipments from Digikey, together costing more than Rs 2 lakh, have arrived with all the Flight Model components of Pratham. They have been safely stored in the Flight Model cupboards inside the Clean Room.

22nd January 2011: Students from College of Engineering Pune came to visit the Pratham team at IIT Bombay and check out our Ground Station.

24th - 29th January 2011: The paper on "Design of Groundstation and Polarization measurement setup and the social goal of Pratham" by Jhonny, Deepika, Kartavya, Tushar, Manas and Saptarshi has been selected for the 1st IAA Conference on University Satellites Missions and Cubesat Workshop in Roma, Italy. Manas Rachh presented the paper on our behalf.


5th Febrauray 2011: Jhonny and Tushar successfully matched the impedance of the Beacon Monopole. A resistor and a capacitor combination were attached at the base of the antenna to nullify the inherent inductance of the monopole.

8th to 10th February 2011: Dr Philippe Lognonne from IPGP and his wife, Dr Azarmidokht Khalatbari, visited the Pratham Team at IITB. Prof. Lognonné also delivered a talk titled "Observations and modeling of Tsunami and seismic waves signal in the Ionosphere with GPS, space altimeters and over-the-horizon radars". The interaction between French and Indian team was beneficial and helped foster stronger ties between both teams.

21st February 2011: Haripriya has finished designing the Wire Routing Scheme, with wire lengths measured up to 5mm accuracy.

23rd February 2011: Finally Power Depth of Discharge calculations have shown positive results, after over 3 months of battle with the simulations. The final solution proposed needs considerable change in the battery charging and protection circuit of the Power Sub-System. The need circuit needs to be designed and tested. The images below shows the detailed simulation used for this purpose and the coverage Earth where the transmission is switched on.


14th to 15th March 2011: Haripriya visisted ISAC to complete a large number of tasks like anodisation of the Flight Model Panels, procuring space grade components, etc. She also brought back Pratham's Solar Panels from ISAC! The Solar Panels are currently being stored inside the Transportation Box.

20th March 2011: The fixtures for the LNAs have arrived from Protosys Technologies. They shall be used to house the LNAs mounted on the antennas at the IITB Ground Station.


4th April 2011: Pushkar has been chosen for the internship at IPGP. He will be spending a couple of months with the French Team, to design the software interfaces necessary for collection, storage, analysis and sharing of Pratham data. Congrats Pushkar!

15th April 2011: Haripriya has figured out an ingenious method of using 2D acrylic sheets for making 3D fixtures which are needed while integrating the satellite structure. These fixtures were designed by her and fabricated by laser cutting the acrylic sheets locally. They are ready now!

19th April 2011: The paper on "Design of data acquisition, collection, processing and archiving system for Pratham" by Jhonny, Deepika, Tushar and Pushkar has been selected for presentation at the International Astronautical Congress 2011 at Cape Town, South Africa. Tushar Jadhav has received financial support from IITB for attending the conference. Congratulations!

20th April 2011: The On Board Coputer in Loop Simulations (OILS) is working! It is on after more than 2 years of work on it! The sensors, namely GPS, Magnetometer and 6 Sun-sensors and the actuators, namely 3 Magnetorquers, have been modeled to mimic reality, and their models have been validated. Although the OBC boards is not ready, hence not connected to it to receive the data. Congrats to Sanyam and Saptarshi!


13th May 2011: The IITB Ground Station is being setup on the Aerospace Department's Terrace. After fixing it all together, the students also painted it over the next day to ready it for the grand opening during the 4th Ground Station Workshop.


19th June 2011: Hussain has been working on the OBC board and we are able to successfully receive both the magnetometer and GPS data using the OBC board. The yellow spikes on the xPC Target computer shows that the magnetometer is being successfully polled by the OBC from the real-time hardware.



13 March 2012: We have been working to develop the flight model boards and they have finally arrived. Hussain and Tushar shall begin soldering and testing them soon.

19 March 2012: Students and faculty from K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Vidyavihar visited IIT Bombay today to see our groundstation. Deepika, Tushar, Hussain, Sanyam and Jhonny did a great job and interacted with the students. We hope that they start working on their groundstation soon.

22-24 March 2012: Pratham was selected to be displayed at the India Engineering Sourcing Show (IESS) 2012 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai. Tushar, Mrityunjay, Deepika, Hussain and Jhonny showcased Pratham at the exhibition.

29 March 2012: Giri and Ankit have completed the assembly of wires to be used for flight model.


19 April 2012: We have completed the level 2 testing and will soon be leaving for ISAC. 4 April 2012: Pratham was awarded the Gandhian Innovation award by Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI) at the hands of Shri Padmabhushan Dr. R.A. Mashelkar in the cutting edge technology category. The Pratham team is thankful to the National Innovation Foundation for recognising the efforts of the team.

24 April - 12 May 2012: We have started the integration of flight model at ISAC. RF boards have been conformal coated and bench testing of RF boards have been completed thanks to the relentless efforts of Husain, Deepika, Tushar, Sanyam, Ankit and Jhonny over the last 2 weeks. Sanyam, Ankit and Anand are currently testing the OBC and Power board st ISAC. Ankit has frozen the integration sequence and we shall start making the flight model harnesses soon.



28 February 2013: Participated in Science Exhibition at GMRT Centre, Khodad, India.


April 2013: Recruitment of Team Members. Post Recruitment Team Strength : 25


May-June 2013: Training of newly recruited team members.


August 2013: Recruitment of Team Members.



February 2014: Technical Paper "Tsunami Warning using TEC" presented at SSTDM , IISC Bangalore, India.


March 2014: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ISRO renewed till March 2016.


August 2014: PowerBoard Component changed from PIC to Atmega 32.


September 2014: 7 Technical Papers presented at International Astronautical Congress ,Toronto, Canada.

September 2014: Communication Component changed from CC1020 to CC1101.


December 2014: Ground Station renewation started.

20 December 2014: Pratham Team as the Guest of Honor at the Annual event of Witty International School, Pawan Baug.



21st March 2015: Groundstation Workshop conducted to further the social goal.

22nd March 2015: Meeting at ISAC for guidance in certain design decisions.


11th April 2015: Automated Groundstation set up with rotors.


20th May 2015: Hot and Cold Testing completed at ISAC, Bangalore.


26th June 2015: Environmental Testing Plan Review.


20th August 2015: Qualification Boards' Design Freezed.


3rd November 2015: Integration of Qualification Model of Pratham successfully completed at ISAC, ISRO, Bengalur.

7th November 2015: Vibration Testing of Qualification Model of Pratham successfully completed at ISAC, ISRO, Bengaluru

7th November 2015: Vibration Testing of Qualification Model of Pratham successfully completed at ISAC, ISRO, Bengaluru



6th January 2016: Orientation for new team recruitment


9th February 2016: Critical Design Review of Pratham at ISAC, ISRO, Bengaluru


10th May 2016: Pratham Team begins preperation of Flight Model pre-integration preperation at clean room in ISAC, ISRO, Bengaluru

31st May- 4th June 2016: Integration of Flight Model of Pratham successfully completed at ISAC, ISRO, Bengaluru


13th-14th June 2016: Vibration Testing of Flight Model of Pratham successfully completed at ISAC, ISRO, Bengaluru

16th-18th June 2016: Thermovac Testing of Flight Model of Pratham at ISAC, ISRO, Bengaluru


19th July 2016: Pre-Shipment Review of Pratham at ISAC, ISRO, Bengaluru


4th August 2016: Beacon board submitted to Vibration Test Facility, ISAC, ISRO, Bengaluru for shock test


11th September 2016: Pratham Flag Off ceremony

26th September 2016: Pratham launched onboard PSLV C35

28th September 2016: First Beacon Signal recieved at University College London and at ground stations around the world, across


26th October 2016: Post Launch Review at ISAC, ISRO, Bengaluru


8th December 2016: Pratham Team presents at Innofest, Bengaluru

10th December 2016: Pratham Team presents at Vedh Event, Thane

17th December 2016: Pratham Team presents at Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Thane

17th December 2016: Pratham Team presents at Asia largest technical college fest - Techfest, IIT Bombay 2017

17th December 2016: Beacon Signal from Pratham re-acquired at ground stations around the world and at ground station at in the institute

18th December 2016: Dr A. S. Kiran Kumar (Chairman of the ISRO) visits Student Satellite Lab



14th-15th January 2017: Pratham Team presents at Technology Forum on Student Micro & Nano Satellites at Harbin Institute of Technology, China

17th January 2017: Orientation for the recruitment of the new team for our second satellite, Advitiy

26th January 2017: End of Mission Life of Pratham


18th February 2017: Pratham Team invited as Chief Guest at Indian Youth Science Congress 2017 , Mumbai Universities

28th February 2017: Pratham Team visits LKRR Prince English School, Selu, Parbhani , Maharashtra for Science Day Celebration


10th March 2017: Dr K Sivan (Director of VSSC, ISRO) visits Student Satellite Lab

17th March 2017: Pratham Team presents at DIPEX 2017, Pune