B Roy
Office:  204C-D/Aero 
Tel:      91-22-5767115 
Email:  aeroyia@aero.iitb.ernet.in

SPECIALIZATION  : A/C Propulsion, Turbomachines, Axial & Centrifugal Flow
                                        Compressor/Fan and Turbine Design
QUALIFICATION :  B.Tech (Aero.), IIT, Kharagpur- 1973, M.Tech (Aero.), IIT, Bombay 1975 ;
                                     Ph.D. (Aero.), IIT, Kharagpur, 1984

Thermodynamics, Aircraft Propulsion, Aerodynamic Design of Compressors and
Turbines, Aircraft Powerplant Design , Turbomachines

Cascade Studies of Highly Loaded Blade Profiles for Axial Compressor/Fan Applications
Contra-Rotating Twin Rotor Axial Flow Fans
Casing Boundary Layer Control in Axial Flow Fan/Compressor
Axial Flow Fan/Compressor Perfromance with Distortion and Swirl

Boundary Layer and Flow Studies for Design and Development of Highly...
...Loaded Blade Profiles for Axial Flow Compressor Applications (ARDB)
 Loss Modeling for Multi-Stage High Speed Axial Flow Compressor - UTRC, USA
Performance Prediction of High Speed Multi-Stage Axial Compressors - GTRE, Bangalore

Low Speed Cascade Studies of Highly Cambered.  Single and Tandem Compressor Blading ..,
                                                                                        Intl.  J. Turbo & JetEngines, 1995
 Effect of Tip Clearance at Midspan section of.Controlled Diffusion Compressor Cascade..,
                                                                                        Intl. J. Turbo & JetEngines, 1995
Development of a New Tandem Cascade for Axial Flow Fan/Compressor Applications
                                                                                      Intl. J. Turbo & JetEngines, 1996
 On the Application of Variable camber blading in Axial Flow Fans and Compressors............,
                                                                                         ASME TURBO ASIA, 1996
High Deflection Linear Tandem Compressor Cascade Under Variable Camber Operations
                                                                                          XIII ISABE, 1997, Tennessee, USA
Reduced Order Loss Modelling with Tip Clearance, Aspect Ratio, and Blocakeg Effects for
Modern Subsonic Axial Flow Compressor                XIV ISABE, 1999, Florence, Italy
End-Wall Flow Development Across a Contra-Rotating Axial Flow Fan Unit
                                                                                           ASME TURBO-EXPO 2000, Munich, Germany

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