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My broad area of specialization is aerospace propulsion. I have research interests in the following areas:

1. Active and passive flow control
2. Flow characteristics of internal flows and turbomachinery
3. Design and performance enhancement strategies in turbomachinery
4. Experimental aerodynamics
5. Experimental methods and flow visualization

I have been involved in setting up the Turbomachinery Research Laboratory at the Department of Aerospace Engineering. A detailed presentation of the test facilities can be found here. Some of the test facilities at the Turbomachinery Research laboratory include:

Low speed, low turbulence wind tunnel, Low speed, 1.5 stage axial flow compressor test facility, annular/conical diffuser test facility, low speed compressor/turbine cascade wind tunnel and contra-rotating axial flow compressor test facility. Photographs of these test facilities can be found here

Current research areas:

1. Flow physics of tip leakage flows, blade tip de-sensitization
2. Non-axisymmetric endwall contouring, with and without endwall motion
3. Contra-rotating axial flow fan aerodynamics, inflow distortion, stall inception and control
Tandem blading in compressor stages
5. Turbomachines for SCO2/ORC systems

Some of my earlier (Ph.D days) research details can be found here.

Publications borne out of these studies can be found here.