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My broad area of specialization is aerospace propulsion. I have research interests in the following areas:

1. Active and passive flow control
2. Flow characteristics of internal flows and turbomachinery
3. Design and performance enhancement strategies in turbomachinery
4. Experimental aerodynamics
5. Experimental methods and flow visualization

I have been involved in setting up the Turbomachinery Research Laboratory at the Department of Aerospace Engineering. A detailed presentation of the test facilities can be found here. Some of the test facilities at the Turbomachinery Research laboratory include:

Low speed, low turbulence wind tunnel, Low speed, 1.5 stage axial flow compressor test facility, annular/conical diffuser test facility, low speed compressor/turbine cascade wind tunnel and contra-rotating axial flow compressor test facility. Photographs of these test facilities can be found here

Current research areas:

1. Flow physics of tip leakage flows, blade tip de-sensitization
2. Non-axisymmetric endwall contouring, with and without endwall motion
3. Contra-rotating axial flow fan aerodynamics, inflow distortion, stall inception and control
4. Exaust turbine diffuser flow aerodynamics, effect of inflow conditions and flow control
5. Active and passtive flow control in serpentine intakes

Some of my earlier (Ph.D days) research details can be found here.

Publications borne out of these studies can be found here.