(Retd.)Professor, Department of Aerospace Engg, IIT Bombay.


Indian National, Born at Intur, Guntur Dist., A.P. on 15th Nov. 1941. 


MIEEE, Fellow Aeronautical Society of India



Ph. D., Aeronautical Engineering, IISc. (Indian Institute of Science), 1975 
M.E. Aircraft Structures, IISc., 1966 
B.E., REC Warangal, Osmania University, 1964 
B.Sc., Physics, Andhra University, 1960 


41 years of Research  and  Development and Academics. Fields include FEM,  Modelling Techniques, Applied Mechanics, Solid and Structural Mechanics,  Aircraft Structures, Computer Aided  Design of Structures (CADS), Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM),  Vehicle Structural Modelling, Model Based Design (MBD), Computer  Aided  Model  Based  Design (CAMBD), Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) and design of exclusive Software Systems for the above.

Sponsored Projects (PI)

Consultancy Projects  

Consultant and Leader

IITCADS [education], STRESSCON and  Micro Mechanics of FRP [basic], sponsored by Aeronautics Research and Development Board, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India

CIFPAC, CAFPAD : Projects for Sheet Metal Component (SMC) Manufacturing activities of Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Min. of Defense, GOVT.

Advanced SMC Manufacturing Automation, Gita Flat Pattern Development Projects:

 Feasibility (2000-01) GFPD-f  Ph.-I (01-02) GFPD-I   Ph.-II GFPD-II (02-03)

 ● Ph.-III GFPD-Optimiser (03-04)


A/c Structures Lab, IITB (I/c., 73-85) and Structures lab (IISc), Central Sound and Vibration Research Facility, CASD Lab. (Computer Aided Structural Design laboratory), Vehicle Test Rigs for validation of Vehicle Structural Models [ Vehicle Res. Development Establishment, Ahmednagar], Establishment of AERO.-Mech. Engg Labs etc., at IARE, HYDERABAD-43. 

Publications, Research Guidance/ Collaboration & Assignments

AIAA(70, 73), Jnl.of AIRCRAFT(07), IJNME(72), IJSS(80, 99), IJVD(89), IJPR(04,05),IJCC(06), JIAE (91), JAeSI (70, 82), ISVR U.K(71), FESA Tokyo(73), ICFMEA Bangalore(79), FEICOM Bombay(85), RAASE Bangalore(92), National Symposia in the fields of Software Development, Reactor Engineering, Interactive Graphics, Newer Fibers, Aerospace Structures, Structural Dynamics, Vibration & Noise Control, Composites, Automotive Technology and a Monograph on Foundations of Finite Element and Modelling Methods (2000).

Development &Teaching

B-Tech and M-Tech programs at  IIT Bombay in Principles of Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Engineering Disciplines, Structural Mechanics,  Vibrations, Structural Dynamics, FEM,  Solid Mechanics, FractureMechanics, Experimental Mechanics, Computational Techniques and Modeling Methods.


Courses for Aerospace, Civil, Mechanical  and  Automotive Industries, Research Centers (BARC, M&M), Defense Officers, University Faculty both at IITB (QIP) and other technical institutions (like CBIT, Hyd ). Professional Bodies like ASME. IT farms like Services Division of SATYAM COMPUTERS(Hyderabad,07) 


All India Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering  (GATE) for IITs as well as for several Universities in Mechanics, Machine Design and Dynamics.




SENATE of IIT Bombay (since 1973), Syllabus committee of the COUNCIL of Ae.S.I. and Selection committees of IITs / NAL / ADA for positions of Professors and Sr. Scientists, Convenor(Aero.), Board of Studies, JNTU, Hyderabad (Since 2005-Todate). 

Visiting Professor, Tech. Dev. ADA, Bílore (1989);

Study Tours of USA (1992, 1994, 2002,2005,2006).


World's Who's Who in Engg., American Association of Engg. Societies, 9th Ed

Who's Who in Computational Science and Engineering, in press