Undergraduate courses taught
Postgraduate courses taught
New courses developed/introduced
Contributed to the development of the syllabus and content in the following courses: Unsteady Aerodynamics, Advanced Aeroelasticity, Experimental Methods in Structural Dynamics, Continuum Mechanics (with Prof. G R Shevare), Applied Mechatronics (with Prof. K Sudhakar & Dr. H. Arya), Optimization Lab. (with Prof. K. Sudhakar and Prof. R K Pant)
Contributed to development of new laboratory experiments in existing laboratory Courses . - “Experimental Modal Analysis” for the Aircraft Structures Lab. and “Vibratory Motion Measurements using Accelerometers” for the Instrumentation Lab. Conceptualized and made a 28 min. educational video on the experiment “Flexural Buckling of beams” as an offline laboratory teaching aid.