Policy for Academic Integrity

This policy will be read out in class during the first lecture. It is the student's responsibility to take notice and seek clarifications if he/she does do not understand any clause or its implications. By continuing to attend the course, the student agrees to abide by the terms of this policy.

  1. Students are allowed to collaborate with their classmates on homework assignments provided they acknowledge it (see the note after point 2) and provided that the solution is written in their own words.
  2. When computer programming is required for solving a problem, it is forbidden for students to use another student’s code in part or whole for their own solution. Students may, however, collaboratively design the algorithm and acknowledge it.
  3. Note: An acknowledgement should be of the form “I worked with ABC and XYZ to solve this assignment” and should additionally state each collaborator's contribution. The acknowledgement should be written clearly on the front page of the submission.

  4. Collaboration, consultation of any sort or copying during examinations is forbidden.
  5. Role of the TA*: the TA's job is to help the students understand the subject material presented in class through one-to-one interaction. For their part, the students are expected to respect the TA's time commitments and privacy, and should avoid requesting meetings outside the weekly office hours.
  6. The students may consult the TA in connection with homework problems, and the TA's help should be acknowledged. The TA is forbidden from providing what can be reasonably established to be, mutatis mutandis, the complete solution to a homework problem.
  7. Students found violating this policy for academic integrity will be awarded an FR grade immediately and referred to the DUGC.