Shripad P. Mahulikar, Professor (Higher Academic Grade) �Dept. of Aerospace Eng. IIT Bombay

Office: 206-B, 1st Floor, Dept. of Aerospace Eng. IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076
Tel: +91-22-25767122 (Off.), Fax: +91-022-25722602
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Some Signature Research Publications:


  Mahulikar S.P., Pallavi R., Bhatt A., Valodi S.P. 2022 Aircraft visibility in view from below in long wave infrared band using infrared cross-section, Applied Optics, doi:10.1364/AO.459926, in press.

  Mahulikar S.P., Pallavi R., Bhatt A. 2022 (Jan-Feb) Aircraft signature studies using infrared cross-section and infrared solid angle, AIAA Journal of Aircraft, 59(1), 126-136.

  Mahulikar S.P., Sengupta, T.K., Sharma N., & Pallavi R. 2019 (Oct) Thermodynamic merger of fluctuation theorem and principle of least action, Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, 44(4), 363-371.

  Mahulikar S.P., Pallavi R. 2016 (Oct) Study of black-hole as dissipative structure using negentropy, Canadian Journal of Physics, 94(10) 960-966.

  Mahulikar S.P., Kumar P. 2014 (Sep) Scale-invariant entropy-based theory for dynamic ordering, Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, 24(3) 033120, 6-pgs.

  Mahulikar S.P., Herwig H. 2013 (Jan) Thermodynamic analysis of a Schwarzschild black-hole fed by cosmic microwave background radiation, European Physical Journal C: Particles & Fields, 73(1) 2292, 6-pgs.

  Mahulikar S.P., Herwig H. 2012 (Oct) Exact solution for energy analysis of Schwarzschild black-hole fed by CMBR, Astrophysics & Space Science, 341(2) 417-420.

  Mahulikar S.P., Gulhane N.P., Pradhan S.D., Hrisheekesh K., Prabhu S.V. 2012 (Jul-Sep) Pressure drop characteristics in continuum-based laminar compressible micro-convective flow, Nanoscale & Microscale Thermophysical Engineering, 16(3) 181-197.

  Mahulikar S.P., Vijay S., Potnuru S.K., Reddam, D.N.S. 2012 (Jul) Aircraft engine�s lock-on envelope due to internal and external sources of infrared signature, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace & Electronic Systems, 48(3) 1914-1923.

  Mahulikar S.P., Herwig H., Zhou J.W., Sodhani Y.M. 2011 (Jan) Surface radiative transfer in gas-to-gas cocurrent micro heat exchanger, AIChE Journal, 57(1) 40-50.

  Mahulikar S.P., Kumar R., Tripathi M.S., Pasari L.K. 2010 (Dec) A modified dimensionless number and geometric symmetry in annulus convection with viscous dissipation, International Journal of Heat & Mass Transfer, 53(25-26) 5976-5983.

  Mahulikar S.P., Herwig H. 2009 (Aug) Exact thermodynamic principles for dynamic order existence and evolution in chaos, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 41(4) 1939-1948.

  Mahulikar S.P., Potnuru S.K., Rao G.A. 2009 (Apr) Study of sunshine, skyshine, and earthshine for aircraft infrared detection, Journal of Optics A: Pure & Applied Optics, 11(4) 045703, 10 pgs.

  Mahulikar S.P., Khurana S., Dungarwal R., Shevakari S.G., Subramanian J., Gujarathi A.V. 2008 (Oct-Dec) Transient aero-thermal mapping of passive thermal protection system for nose-cap of reusable hypersonic vehicle, Journal of the Astronautical Sciences, 56(4) 593-619.

  Mahulikar S.P., Prasad H.S.S., Potnuru S.K. 2008 (May-Jun) Infrared signature suppression of helicopter engine duct based on �conceal and camouflage�, AIAA Journal of Propulsion & Power, 24(3) 613-618.

  Mahulikar S.P., Herwig H. 2008 (Mar) Fluid friction in incompressible laminar convection: Reynolds� analogy revisited for variable fluid properties, European Physical Journal B: Condensed Matter & Complex Systems, 62(1) 77-86.

  Mahulikar S.P., Herwig H., Hausner O. 2007 (Dec) Study of gas microconvection for synthesis of rarefaction and nonrarefaction effects, IEEE / ASME Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 16(6) 1543-1556.

  Mahulikar S.P., Sonawane H.R., Rao G.A. 2007 (Oct-Nov) Infrared signature studies of aerospace vehicles, Progress in Aerospace Sciences, 43(7-8) 218-245.

  Mahulikar S.P., Potnuru S.K., Kolhe P.S. 2007 (Aug) Analytical estimation of solid angle subtended by complex well-resolved surfaces for infrared detection studies, Applied Optics, 46(22) 4991-4998.

  Mahulikar S.P., Herwig H. 2006 (Sep) Physical effects in pure continuum-based laminar micro-convection due to variation of gas properties, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 39(18) 4116-4123.

  Mahulikar S.P., Herwig H. 2006 (Jul) Physical effects in laminar micro-convection due to variations in incompressible fluid properties, Physics of Fluids, 18(7) 073601, 12-pgs.

  Mahulikar S.P. 2005 (Nov) Theoretical aerothermal concepts for configuration design of hypersonic vehicles, Aerospace Science & Technology, 9(8) 681-685

  Mahulikar S.P., Sane S.K. 2005 (Sep) Theoretical analysis of experimentally observed perplexing calibration characteristics of ball-in-vortex flow-meter, ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering, 127(5) 1021-1028.

  Mahulikar S.P., Rao G.A., Sane S.K., Marathe A.G. 2005 (Jul-Sep) Aircraft plume infrared signature in non-afterburning mode, AIAA Journal of Thermophysics & Heat Transfer, 19(3) 413-415.

  Mahulikar S.P., Herwig H. 2005 (Jan) Theoretical investigation of scaling effects from macro-to-microscale convection due to variations in incompressible fluid properties, Applied Physics Letters, 86(1) 014105, 3-pgs.

  Mahulikar S.P., Herwig H., Hausner O., Kock F. 2004 (Dec) Laminar gas micro-flow convection characteristics due to steep density gradients, Europhysics Letters, 68(6) 811-817.

  Mahulikar S.P., Herwig H. 2004 (Oct) Conceptual investigation of the entropy principle for identification of directives for creation, existence and total destruction of order, Physica Scripta, 70(4) 212-221.

  Mahulikar S.P., Tso C.P. 2002 (Mar) A new classification for thermal-development of fluid flow in a circular tube under laminar forced convection, Proceedings of the Royal Society (London) Series A: Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences, 458(2019) 669-682.

  Mahulikar S.P., Sane S.K., Gaitonde U.N., Marathe A.G. 2001 (Apr) Numerical studies of infrared signature levels of complete aircraft, Aeronautical Journal, 105(1046) 185-192.

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Areas of Research: Aerospace Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer to Hypersonic Vehicle, Infrared Signatures of Aerospace Vehicles, Microchannel Cooling of Gas Turbine Blades, Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics

Classroom Teaching: Aircraft & Rocket Propulsion; Aircraft Stealth Technology; Communication & Leadership; Heat Transfer � Aerospace Applications; Spaceflight Mechanics; Thermodynamics