Welcome to the group of Prof Sudarshan Kumar

Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay, Powai Mumbai, INDIA 400 076


IIT Bombay

 Computational facilities

 High end PCs for combustion and fluid flow computations with 2.4 GHz dual and quad/hex core Xeon/Pentium processors and 4/8/16/24 GB RAM and 5 TB HDDs. Other computational facilities of Aerospace Department and Galaxy, a 64-node Xeon cluster for high performance computing are also accessible for high end computations.

 Experimental facilities

 High speed chemiluminiscence facility with various species filters for combustion diagnostics applications

 Laser based spray diagnostics facility for detailed spray analysis

 High accuracy electric mass flow controllers along with command module for measuring mass flow from 50 SCCM to 1000 SLM.

 Data Acquisition card for recording the pressure and temperature from a combustion system -16 parallel channels

 Flue gas analyzer for measuring the concentration of flue gases in the exhaust such as CO, CO2, NOx and so on.

 DSLR camera and high speed camera (Casio Ex-HF20) for flame visualization and further analysis.

 Gas Chromatograph for detailed analysis of composition of gaseous combustion products