Welcome to the group of Prof Sudarshan Kumar

Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay, Powai Mumbai, INDIA 400 076

Current research fields


 Development of new combustion techniques to reduce emissions from combustion systems

 Combustion instabilities in micro scale combustors

 Spray combustion

 Flameless combustion of liquid fuels

 Measurement of laminar burning velocities for high temperature mixtures using diverging channels


These are some of the representative PhD research topics. Only those students who are interested in pursuing their Ph.D. should apply for these topics. For more information, you can directly contact me at sudar[*] aero.iitb.ac.in or sudar4[*]gmail.com.

For more information, links to the research papers are provided in this page. However, if you are not able to get the papers from these sources (such as Science-Direct, Scopus and Web of Science) you can contact me through email. 

The references to some of the interesting papers are available either on this page or you can refer to the List of Publications page.




IIT Bombay

Some interesting Results

 Measured burning velocity of premixed propane-air mixtures at high temperatures and variation of temperature exponent. Energy and Fuels, 26 (2012) 5509-5518.










 Viewgraphs of a conventional flame and flameless combustion modes in a 5 kW laboratory scale burner (Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Vol. 29 (2002), 1131- 1137)











 Variation of laminar burning velocity and temperature exponent at high temperatures. Energy and Fuels, 26 (2012), 3267-3274.











 Pattern formation (Physical review-E, 75(1) (2007) 016208).