Acoustics and Flow Diagnostics Laboratory

Welcome to the homepage of Acoustics and Flow Diagnostics Laboratory (AFD lab). In our group, we perfrom experimental, theoretical and numerical work on problems involving flow instabilities. Highlights of the key research work done by our group is given below

  • Coherent structure identification

    We use the framework of Lagrangian Coherent Structures (LCS) to identify coherent structures responsible for sound production in the flow field both from experiments and high-fidelity numerical simulations.

  • Shock-turbulence interaction

    We developed a novel weakly nonlinear framework to study the interaction of shear waves with a normal shock theoretically. The results were validated against high-fidelity DNS.

  • Supercritical and transcritical jet flows

    We developed an OpenFOAM based solver that can handle supercritical and transcritical jet flows of interest to space applications. The code can be extended to study mixing and reaction.

  • Trapped vortex combustion

    We have a trapped vortex combustor with variable cavity sizes to study the effect of cavity sizing on stable combustion and explore the effects of equivalence ratio and cavity sizing on combustion instability.

If you are interested in working with us, use the contact details provided below.