Educational Qualifications:
Ph.D. (Aero.), IIT Bombay

Professional Experience:
More Than Thirty Five years of experience in Teaching, Research & Development and Industrial Training

Dynamics and Control of Flexible Flight Vehicles, Modelling and Simulation of Multi-agent Swarming Behaviour, Navigation and Guidance, System Architectures

Teaching Areas:
Classical and State Space Based Methods for Dynamic Modelling and Control, Aircraft Flight Mechanics & Space Flight Mechanics, Dynamics of Aerospace Vehicles, Navigation & Guidance, Muti-agent Systems

R&D Areas:
Flexible Flight Vehicle Dynamics and Control, Guidance and Control of Unmanned Aerial Systems, Multi-agent Swarm Design

On-line Full Course Modules Available
System Modelling and Classical Control Overview
Dynamics and Control in State-Space Overview
Space Missions: Modelling, Analysis and Design Overview
Aircraft Flight Mechanics and Flight Control Systems Overview
Spacecraft Attitude Motion and Control Overview
Navigation and Guidance: Principles and Methods Overview
Design of Swarms: Principles and Methods Overview
Modelling and Control of Mechanical Systems Overview
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On-line Short Course Modules Available
Basic Nonlinear Dynamics Overview
Systems Reliability: Concepts and Analyses Overview
Introduction to Systems Architecture Overview
Particle Dynamics: Modelling and Solutions Overview
Systems Modelling and Simulation Overview
Rigid Body Kinematics and Kinetics Overview
Basics of Mechanical Vibrations Overview
Introduction to Engineering Design Overview
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Updated on June 26, 2021