Scope of the Symposium

The purpose of the symposium is to promote mature indigenous CFD efforts resulting in the development of general-purpose solvers, which can be used by different aerospace industries, both within the country and abroad. The symposium is towards an independent evaluation of the CFD codes for features such as accuracy, efficiency, scalability and robustness.The symposium also promotes generating high quality experimental data for CFD validation. The first of the symposium was held during 2009 and NASA trap wing was considered for code evaluation. The second symposium was held during 2013 and a flying wing configuration was considered. The highlight of the second symposium was that high quality experimental data for a range of Reynolds number were generated on different tunnels for the symposium.

While the first two symposia dealt with external flow configurations, the upcoming SPICE-2019 is towards CFD validation for internal flows with mild separation. A reasonably complex internal flow configuration of a serpentine intake duct with a forebody and cowl lip will be considered for this event. The CAD model of the geometry along with unstructured grid will be made available to all participants of SPICES-2019.