Kowsik Bodi

We are working on the following topics:
  • High Enthalpy Flows

  • Liquid Metal MHD

  • We try to use open source tools as much as possible in our work. Our work on high enthalpy flows and liquid metal MHD flows uses OpenFOAM. Our publications are listed here.

    High Enthalpy Flows

    Flow fields around reentry vehicles typically range from the high-supersonic to hypersonic mach numbers. Experimental studies of the heat loads on the material surfaces in such flow fields need to generate high enthalpy flows to simulate the real flow energies. Heating air to such high enthalpies using arc-heating facilities leads to the ionization of air in the region of heating. We are interested in modeling the flow-fields in arc-heated wind tunnels.

    Liquid Metal MHD

    Nuclear fusion promises to be a long-term energy source that can outlast the conventional energy sources. One of the reactants, Tritium, has a short half-life and needs to be produced in the reactor vicinity. The high energy neutrons that result from the ongoing nuclear fusion reaction in the reactor are expect to react with Lithium to produce Tritium. We are interested in the flow-fields of the Lead Lithium eutectic in ITER TBM.

    Past Work

    My work before I joined IIT Bombay is described here.

    Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay