Advice and Topics

General advice

If you (IIT Bombay students) are interested in doing your projects with me please first check out my Research page and see if any of the work interests you. If particle methods interest you, I recommend that you take my course AE 625 on particle methods for fluid flow simulation. Check the Courses page for more details. If you haven't already done so, you should meet my current students and talk to them. My research interests usually involve a fair bit of programming and/or theoretical work. The focus is usually numerical fluid dynamics with a strong emphasis on particle based methods. You should have decent math and programming skills. I also have the occasional student working on scientific data visualization. So if you do not like any of these topics and are still keen on working with me, come by my office and we can talk.

Before you meet me or join any of my student groups please take the time to understand the following:

  • Research and learning can be a lot of fun. I suggest you pick a topic you like and work hard at it.

  • You will learn a lot if you work hard. If you do not like to learn, you are in the wrong institute and you have much bigger problems that you ought to sort out immediately. :)

  • You should really not be worried about getting a job at this point. You are at IIT and if you are good at what you do nothing else matters. So pick something you love to do and just do it!

Sample topics

If you have gotten this far, here are a few sample topics that you might want to look up to get an idea of what kind of work you could do.

  • SPH
    • Gas dynamics flow and boundary conditions.

    • Astrophysical applications.

    • Comparison with other techniques.

    • Applications to flooding and landslides.

  • Other particle methods

    • Meshless finite difference method.

    • Moving Point Semi-implicit scheme.

    • Reproducing Kernel Particle Method

    • Element-Free Galerkin methods.

    • Direct-Simulation Monte-Carlo

    • Molecular Dynamics

  • 2D vortex methods
    • Study/implementation of various diffusion and higher order advection schemes.

    • Particle approximations (function approximation using particles), interpolation, radial basis functions etc.

    • Panel methods, boundary element methods.

    • Comparison of vortex methods with other CFD techniques

    • Impulse based particle methods

  • 3D vortex methods
    • Working towards an initial implementation of 3D vortex methods

    • 3D panel methods and BEM techniques

There are any number of specialized topics you can choose, so once you get some idea of these topics you can approach me, fix an appointment and talk about what you'd like to work on.

Resources for Students

See Student Resources for some useful resources for students.

See Students to see former and current student information.