After the successful launch of Pratham, Advitiy was the second satellite under the Student Satellite Programme of IIT Bombay. The name Advitiy means 'Unparalleled' or 'Unprecedented'. The aim was to make it a robust, reliable and repeatable satellite bus. Advitiy would be transmitting pre-loaded and uplinked images through Slow Scan Television (SSTV) protocol which can be intercepted by a low-cost receiver (~5000 INR) that can be built even by a layperson. Thus, along with robustness and reliability, increasing space awareness and enthusiasm among India's youth and school children was another aim of Advitiy. After the announcement of opportunity for ISRO's PSLV Stage 4 Orbital Platform, the team decided to pause work on Advitiy and carry forward the work on Antenna Deployment System along with other suitable CubeSat subsystems whose indigenous development will be of relevance.

Mission Statement

  • To build a reliable satellite that is robust and repeatable.
  • To preserve and enhance the knowledge and skills within the team in the field of Satellite and Space Technology
  • To share the knowledge within the team related to satellite building with other aspiring students/universities

Technical Details at a Glance

Orbit Sun-Synchronous Polar LEO
Mass 893 g
Size 10x10x11.35 cm3
Deployer ISIS PPOD
Control 3-Axis Stabilized
Controlled in Eclipse
2 - Modes (Detumbling and Nominal)
Estimator MEKF + QuEST
Sensors GPS, Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Photodiodes x 6
Actuators Magnetorquers x 3 (8.5cm x 8.5cm)
Power Generated Max. 2.2 W
Processor Power: AVR XMEGA
Communication: AVR XMEGA x 2
Beacon 144-146 MHz, On Off Keying (OOK), CW
Downlink/Payload 144-146 MHz, FM Modulation
Uplink 144-146 MHz, FSK Modulation
Antenna Deployed Dipole (48 cm approx.)
Antenna Deployment Mechanism Wire-burn Mechanism