IIT Bombay Student Satellite Project

The Making of Pratham

A couple of weeks after the launch of Pratham we were invited to a college for giving a talk. The organizers quite nervously asked us, “We have reserved a two hour slot for your talk. Do you think that it’ll be too much?” We had a good laugh in the team.

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When Satellite launched us!

There are some days which get etched in your memory. From a year earlier multiple memories were made and now a year hence here I am reliving and relishing the days.I became a member of the Student Satellite Project in March 2016. But on this day I realised that I didn't just join a project, I joined a Family, I joined a Journey.

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A 40 Hour Adventure

More often than not, superlatives are found in the most unexpected of places. The purest form of beauty, for instance, can be found in simplicity. The purest form of happiness can be found in tears, while the deepest sorrow can be found beneath a smile.

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