IIT Bombay will teach students to build sattelites

Fifteen months after launching Pratham – a 10kg microsatellite – IIT-B will make the process of building satellites public on Wednesday

Release of satellite making process on National Science Day by IIT Bombay

The students of IIT Bombay have shared detailed information about the satellite creation process, with the purpose of inspiring more students

Pratham microsatellite did not complete his mission goal

The maiden microsatellite, Pratham, launched by the Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay (IITB) did not complete its mission goal.“We achieved 90% success,” said Yash Sanghvi, who was part of the Pratham team.

IIT-B students start work on a new satellite

A team of 45 students currently working on the institute's next satellite based on the learnings of the several batches of students involved in the making and the flight of Pratham

After Pratham, IITB students work on the second satellite

It has only been a year since the satellite build by IIT Bombay students was launched into space. However, such is the enthusiasm of the students that they have already started working on a new satellite.

IIT-Bombay's satellite gets a signal from space

After one month of radio silence, the ground station at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, received a signal from Pratham satellite on the morning of December 17, suggesting that it was still alive and kicking.

Pratham sends signal after two months

It was on December 16 that the Pratham team received a message from a Ham group based in Netherlands on having heard the beacon signal. The next morning on December 17, IIT-B's ground station recieved the signal as well.

First-Ever Student Satellite By IIT-B, Pratham, Is Live And Stable in Orbit

The first-ever student satellite by IIT-B, Pratham, is live and stable in orbit. The ground station of the satellite at the Institue's Powai campus received the 'beacon signal' from the satellite on Saturday, which confirmed its stability and functionality.

TechFest gift: Pratham transmits signal

At 9:30am on Saturday, on day two of TechFest, the IIT-B team that has designed and developed Pratham were in for a surprise as the satellite, the first from Mumbai, sent a nearly three-minute-long signal.

IIT-B's first satellite in orbit: Twitter floods with appreciation

The satellite will be in the orbit for four months and its main mission is to measure the total electron count in the Ionosphere.

Ten Things to know about the PSLV's longest-ever flight

Pratham, a satellite launched by PSLV developed by IIT Bombay has a place in the 8 longest ever flight vehicles launched by PSLV.

The first-ever satellite build by IITB students is all set to launch

After nine years of wait, the historical satellite, 'Pratham', the first-ever satellite designed and developed by the students of IIT-Bombay will be launched on September 26.

ISRO to Launch IIT - Bombay Students' Satellite 'Pratham'

Indian space agency ISRO will shoot off the 'Pratham' satellite designed and build by students of the IIT-Bombay among the eight satellited including its weather satellite on Monday, an official said in Mumbai

IITB's feat: Mumbai's first satellite to lift off on September 26

IIT Bombay's first student satellite, Pratham+, will be launched on September 26 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. The nearly-10kg Pratham, which is also Mumbai's first satellite, will launch abroad the highly-proven Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle(PSLV) at 9:30 am.