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Stories of a Naive Radio

Our blog Stories of a Naive Radio consists of a plethora of information on ham radio and wireless communication.

It houses multiple blog series diving deeper into the history and development of amateur radio and the technicalities of communication technology.

HAM Radio 101 A starting point and guide for any ham enthusiast out there with a special edition based on satellite tracking
Transmission Tales Our first series with 11 blogs on the history, uses, and trivia of ham radio.
Communication Chronicles Technical blog series with the nuances and details about networking, communication, and space.
Highly Amateur Maestros (H.A.M.) Intricate details and fresh aspects of ham radio through a 5 post series.
Let’s Talk Ham An interview series on the significant contributions made by amateur radio organizations in India to encourage more and more people to carry out ham activities.
Journey of a Ground Station Scripting the journey of making our ground station with the aim of serving as a complete guide for anyone wishing to make their own Ground station.
Do follow the blog for regular updates!