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Morsian: Space Exploration with Mark Watney

Our fresher’s orientation as part of the ITC Tech Week 2021 included an exciting quiz, a race against time-based on the movie Martian. The participants played the role of Mark Watney, marooned on the Red Planet, and finding ways to return back home. They stepped in the shoes of an amateur radio operator, and used ham languages and morse code to solve the puzzles.
The ‘Morsians’ who made it to the top 5 on the leaderboard were:
▷ The Morsian: Nilabha Saha
▷ Runner up: Shikhar Parmar
▷ 3rd Place: Saksham Gupta
▷ 4th Place: Sriniketan Joshi
▷ 5th Place: Aman Kumar
A demo session on Tracking of the ISS was also conducted for the winners. Some of them even tracked on their own and decoded the images.

For the Amateurs, by the Maestros

For the Amateurs, by the Maestros, held on 28th August 2021 was a talk for ham radio enthusiasts in collaboration with Mumbai Amateur Radio Institute (MARI).
It had seasoned ham radio operators Mr. Jayesh Banatwala (VU2IVV) and Mr. Shailesh Deshmukh (VU2LOC) sharing insights into the basics of ham radio. The talk enlightened us about the wide scope of amateur radio activities, the numerous contests and festivals held across the world, and the role of MARI in promoting ham radio.
The experience and enthusiasm of the speakers along with the numerous questions from the audience made it a very interactive and informative session.