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SSTV Module

Slow Scan Television is a picture transmission method used mainly by ham radio operators. Static pictures are transmitted and received via analog frequency modulation in HF, UHF and VHF bands. Every pixel in an image is represented as a sinusoid of different frequencies and color is achieved by encoding the brightness of each color component separately. Demodulation can generate an audio representation of the image.

Aim of the mission
  • To design and build a satellite-borne transmitter for broadcasting images using the SSTV communication protocol.
  • Equip and train a layperson (especially school students) to build a low-cost receiver (5000 INR) to intercept the signal and get images.
Specifications of the system
SSTV Module PD90 (90 seconds)
Display resolution 320x256
Operating Frequency Band UHF (434-440 Mhz)
Power consumption < 5.5W
Cost (approx.) of Module INR 10,000
Cost (approx.) of Receiver INR 5,000