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HAM Radio Exam

About Exam
You cannot enjoy all the benefits of ham radio without having a Ham Radio License. You can only receive signals but you need to have a license and a callsign for legally transmitting on ham radio. Once you have the ham radio license, you can talk to other hams, build your own ground station, participate in contests and foxhunts and also provide communication assistance during emergencies.

Amateur Station Operator's Certificate or ASOC is the examination that needs to be passed to receive an amateur radio license in India. The exam is conducted by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.


Permitting the use of medium power
(10 W on VHF and UHF, 50 W on HF)

Permits only Reception


Permitting the use of higher power
(25 W on VHF and UHF, 400 W on HF)

Permits Transmission and Reception

Paper Pattern
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