Information for Prospective Students

I am currently looking for a post-doctoral fellow and Ph.D. Research Scholars, primarily in the broad area of Guidance and Control of Autonomous Vehicles, with special focus on Cooperative Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)/Drones, Cooperative Active Aircraft Defense, and Spacecraft Attitude Control and Synchronization. However, the research topics are not restricted to only these and it can be decided based on the mutual interest. Interested applicants may contact me through email, along with their CVs. Note that the candidates need to go through the admission procedure followed by the Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay.

For M.Tech Projects, I would prefer students who have done seminar course on a topic, similar to the one in which he/she is looking for the project. This would help to start the project work at the earliest. The topics for possible BTech/Dual Degree/ MTech Projects for IITB students inlcude but not limited to

  • Aerial Robotics
  • Trajectory control of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)
  • Cooperative control of UAVs/Drones/Interceptors
  • Spacecraft: Attitude control and synchronization, Rendezvous and docking
  • Multi-agent systems: Consensus and formation control
  • UAV/Aircraft: Cooperative pursuit and evasion, Controller design for aerial refueling, Safe and secure target-encirclement/circumnavigation

An exposure to Matlab for validation of different aspects of designs in the project and Latex that helps in preparing project report and presentation would be advantageous.