Industrial Relations

The department maintains close links with the aerospace and defense industry and undertakes sponsored research, consultancy, and continuing education programs in diverse areas. The faculty has contributed towards national programs like the LCA, IGMDP, GSLV, in various capacities, with spin-off benefits to other fields such as bio-medical engineering. The department has a wide range of experimental facilities such as subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels, water tunnel, stability tunnel, LDV and hot wires, analog and hydraulic simulation rigs, rotor dynamics and engine test rigs, Instron for structural testing, Autoclave for composites fabrication, instrumented drop weight impact test apparatus, and an aeromodeling lab, besides extensive computational facilities with excellent network connectivity. The department aims to provide students with a cordial atmosphere and an opportunity to acquire a multi-disciplinary perspective to engineering problems. The department can boast of alumni like the program director of the LCA program, Dr Kota Harinarayana, who have achieved unparalleled success in their professions.