Former Faculty

Former Faculty
Full Name Specialization Phone Number Email
Prof. Ananthkrishnan N Aerodynamics akn[at]
Prof. Aravind Balan Aerodynamics aravindb[at]
Prof. G. R. Shevare Aerodynamics shevare[at]
Prof. K Sudhakar Aerodynamics sudhakar[at]
Prof. Ojha S.K. Aerodynamics
Prof. S. D. Sharma Aerodynamics sds[at]
Prof. Aditya Paranjape Dynamics and Control 25767110 paranjape[at]
Prof. Ashok Joshi Dynamics and Control ashokj[at]
Prof. Chandrasekhar. J Dynamics and Control sekhar[at]
Prof. Hari B. Hablani Dynamics and Control hbhablani[at]
Prof. S. P. Bhat Dynamics and Control bhat[at]
Prof. B. Roy Propulsion 25767115
Prof. Debasis Chakraborty Propulsion 25764950 debasis_copt[at]
Prof. Marathe A.G. Propulsion anil[at]
Prof. Sane S.K. Propulsion sanesk[at]
Prof. Shende R.W. Propulsion rws[at]
Prof. M. Mitra Structures 25767117 mira[at]
Prof. Prasad K. S. R. K Structures ksrkp[at]
Prof. R. P. Shimpi Structures 25767119 rpshimpi[at]
Prof. S. C. Lakkad Structures scsl[at]
Prof. Suryanarayan S Structures suri[at]