Aeroservoelastic Modeling

In work that has come to be acknowledged as being of national importance, the Department carried out pioneering research and development related to the initiation, development, and successful implementation of aeroservoelastic modeling and analysis to aid the control law development of the unstable fly-by-wire LCA aircraft.

Aeroservoelastic Analysis Code
A team of faculty from the Department have developed an industry standard state-of-the-art code for aeroelastic and aeroservoelastic computations that is suitable for an organization engaged in aircraft design and development. This code is the first and only one of its kind developed in the country, and is comparable to the best in the field.

FRP Composite Components
The Department pioneered work within the nation on development and application of composite structures technology to design and manufacture of products from aerospace as well as other engineering fields. Examples of such products and applications include fan blades, salinity gates, railway toilet, chemical containment, and replacements for certain metallic components of MiG 21 aircraft. Some of this work has been recognized by an award of excellence from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Mechanical characterization of Textile Composites
Investigations have been carried out on thermo-mechanical and fracture behavior of textile composites. Further, low velocity impact and ballistic impact studies have been carried out on textile composites and laminated composites made of unidirectional layers. This work is part of a fundamental body of work of acknowledged stature in the area of material behavior of textile composites and has lead to over 40 publications in international journals in addition to three books.

Rehabilitation aids for the disabled
A major experimental program within the Department studied the use of fiber reinforced composites and other lightweight materials in rehabilitation aids for the physically handicapped. The program included evaluation and redesign of the famed Jaipur foot, and led to the development of a carbon fiber composite Floor Reaction Polio Orthosis and modified-sole footwear for insensitive feet.