Personal Information
Full Name: Prof. Harshad Khadilkar
Email: harshadk[at]

Specialization: Dynamics and Control


    BTech, Department of Aerospace Engineering (2009), IIT Bombay

    SM (2011) and PhD (2013), Aeronautics and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Awards & Fellowships

    • 2018:  Young Scientist award at TCS Anvetion (annual research showcase)
    • 2018:  Part of winning team of TCS Innovista award for best innovation-led deal in the company
    • 2017:  Second team prize in INFORMS railway analytics competition
    • 2015:  Third team prize in INFORMS railway analytics competition
    • 2015:  IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement award
    • 2015:  One of three people nominated by IBM worldwide to attend Global Young Scientists Summit
    • 2014:  BBC coverage of project on reuse of discarded laptop batteries for powering LED lights
    • 2014:  Two best paper in conference awards:  ACM BuildSys and ACM e-Energy
    • 2012:  Best paper in session, Guidance Navigation and Control Conference
    • 2011:  Best paper in conference, Air Traffic Management R & D Seminar
    • 2011:  Boston Globe article on operational improvements at Logan International Airport
    • 2009:  Boeing Scholar award


  • A Rolling Horizon Optimisation Model for Consolidated Hump Yard Operational Planning”, Raut, S;Sinha, S; Khadilkar, H; Salsingikar, S; Journal of Rail Transport Planning & Management(JRTPM),Accepted September 2018:  preprint available online
  • “A Scalable Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Scheduling Railway Lines”, Khadilkar, H;IEEETransactionson Intelligent Transportation Systems,Accepted June 2018:  preprint available online“Data-Enabled Stochastic Modelling for Evaluating Schedule Robustness of Railway Networks”,Khadilkar, H;Transportation Science, Volume 51, Issue 4, November 2017 [TCS Outstanding Paper]
  • “Integrated Control of Airport and Terminal Airspace Operations”, Khadilkar, H; Balakrishnan, H;IEEETransactionson Control Systems Technology, Volume 24, Issue 1, January 2016
  • “High Confidence Networked Control for Next Generation Air Transportation Systems”, Park, P;Khadilkar, H; Balakrishnan, H; Tomlin, C;IEEE Transactionson Automatic Control, Volume 59, Issue12, August 2014
  • “Demonstration of Reduced Airport Congestion Through Pushback Rate Control”, Simaiakis, I; Khadilkar,H; Balakrishnan, H; Reynolds, T; Hansman, R J;Transportation Research Part A, Volume 66,August 2014
  • “Network Congestion Control of Airport Surface Operations”, Khadilkar, H; Balakrishnan, H; Journal ofGuidance, Control and Dynamics(JGCD), Volume 37, Number 3, May 2014
  • “Hybrid Communication Protocols and Control Algorithms for NextGen Aircraft Arrivals”, Park, P;Khadilkar, H; Balakrishnan, H; Tomlin, C;IEEE Transactionson Intelligent Transportation Systems,Volume 15, Number 2, April 2014
  • “Metrics to Evaluate Airport Operational Performance using Surface Surveillance Data”, Khadilkar, H;Balakrishnan, H;Air Traffic Control Quarterly, Volume 21, Number 2, August 2013
  • “Estimation of Aircraft Taxi Fuel Consumption using Flight Data Recorder Archives”, Khadilkar, H;Balakrishnan, H;Transportation Research Part D, Volume 17, Issue 7, October 2012Conference proceedings [Selected 10 of≈25]
  • “An Imitation Learning Approach for Computing Anticipatory Picking Decisions in Retail DistributionCentres”, Baniwal, V; Shah, D; Ma, P; Khadilkar, H; American Control Conference (ACC), July 2019
  • “A Reinforcement Learning Framework for Container Selection and Ship Load Sequencing in Ports”,Verma, R; Saikia, S; Khadilkar, H; Agarwal, P; Shroff, G; International Conference on AutonomousAgents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS), May 2019
  • “Actor Based Simulation for Closed Loop Control of Supply Chain using Reinforcement Learning”,Gajrani, M; Kumar, P; Baniwal, V; Meisheri, H; Khadilkar, H; Barat, S; Kulkarni, V; InternationalConference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS), May 2019
  • “Scheduling of Vehicle Movement in Resource-Constrained Transportation Networks using aCapacity-Aware Heuristic”, Khadilkar, H; American Control Conference (ACC), May 2017
  • “Modelling the Impact of Control Strategy on Stochastic Delay Propagation in Transportation Networks”,Khadilkar, H; European Control Conference (ECC), June 2016
  • “Collaborative Energy Conservation in a Microgrid”, Jain, M; Khadilkar, H; Sengupta, N; Charbiwala, Z;Tennakoon, K; Wahab, R; De Silva, L; Seetharam, D; ACM BuildSys, November 2014 [Best paper award]
  • “Algorithms for Upgrading the Resolution of Aggregate Energy Meter Data”, Khadilkar, H; Ganu, T;Charbiwala, Z; Lim, J; Mathew, S; Seetharam, D; ACM e-Energy, June 2014 [Best paper award]
  • “Optimal Control of Airport Operations with Gate Capacity Constraints”, Khadilkar, H; Balakrishnan, H;European Control Conference (ECC), July 2013
  • “A Network Congestion Control Approach to Airport Departure Management”, Khadilkar, H;Balakrishnan, H; American Control Conference (ACC), June 2012
  • “Demonstration of Reduced Airport Congestion Through Pushback Rate Control”, Simaiakis, I; Khadilkar,H; Balakrishnan, H; Reynolds, T; Hansman, R J; Reilly, B; Urlass, S; USA/Europe Seminar on ATMR&D, June 2011 [Best paper award]