Personal Information
Full Name: Prof. Pradeep A. M.
Room No: 208-D, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Phone: 25767125
Email: ampradeep[at]

Specialization: Propulsion

Awards & Fellowships

    Gold medal for the best paper in Aerospace Engineering Division during 2003-2004, by the Institution of Engineers (India)
    SAFRAN-French Embassy second prize for the best Ph.D. thesis in Aerospace Engineering published during 2002-2007 


Recent Publications:

  1. Manas, M P, Arghya, K and Pradeep, A.M., 2020, "Windmilling Characteristics of a Contra-rotating Axial Fan", Accepted for publication, Trans. ASME, Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power. 
  2. Manas, M P, and Pradeep, A M, 2020, "Stall Inception in a Contra-rotating Fan under Radially Distorted Inflows", Accepted for publication, Aerospace Science and Technology, V 105. 
  3. Vishwas Verma, Gursharanjit Singh and Pradeep, A.M., 2020, "The Effect of Inlet Distortion on Low Bypass Ratio Turbofan Engines", Proc. of IMechE, Part G, Journal of Aerospace Engineering, V 234, pp. 1395-1413.
  4. Manas MP and Pradeep, A.M., 2020, "Stall Inception Mechanisms in a Contra-rotating Fan Operating under Different Speed Combinations", Proc. of IMechE, Part A, Journal of Power and Energy, V234, pp1041-1052. 
  5. Amit Kumar and Pradeep, A.M., 2020, "Design and Off-design Behaviour of a Tandem Rotor Stage", Accepted for publication, Proc. of IMechE, Part G, Journal of Aerospace Engineering, V234, pp. 927-942.
  6. Tegegn D Toge and Pradeep, A.M., 2017, "Experimental Investigation of Stall Inception of a Low Speed Contra-Rotating Axial Flow Fan under Circumferential Distroted Flow Condition", Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol 70, pp. 534-548.
  7. Harisankar and Pradeep, A.M., 2017, "Improvement of Effectiveness of EMHD Flow Separation Control", Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, Vol. 39, pp. 3947-3963.
  8. Alone, D.B., Kumar, S, Thimmiah, S., Mudipalli, J.R.R., Pradeep, A.M., Ramamurthy, S. and Iyengar, V., 2017, "Experimental Assessment on Effect of Lower Porosities of Bend Skewed Casing Treatment on the Performance of High Speed Compressor Stage with Tip Critical Rotor Characteristics", Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol. 60, pp. 193-202 ( 
  9. Alone, D.B., Kumar, S, Thimmiah, S., Mudipalli, J.R.R., Pradeep, A.M., Ramamurthy, S. and Iyengar, V., 2016, "Stability management of high speed axial flow compressor stage through axial extensions of bend skewed casing treatment", Propulsion and Power Research, Vol. 5, pp. 236-249 (
  10. Tegegn D Toge and Pradeep, A.M., 2015, "Experimental Investigation of Stall Inception Mechanisms of Low speed Contra Rotating Axial Flow Fan Stage", International Journal of Rotating Machinery, Vol 2015, Article ID 641601, 14 pages (doi: 10.1155/2015/641601).
R&D Areas/Projects: 

    My broad area of specialization is aerospace propulsion. I have research interests in the following areas:
    1. Active and passive flow control 
    2. Flow characteristics of internal flows and turbomachinery
    3. Design and performance enhancement strategies in turbomachinery
    4. Experimental aerodynamics 
    5. Experimental methods and flow visualization 

    I have been involved in setting up the Turbomachinery Research Laboratory at the Department of Aerospace Engineering. A detailed presentation of the test facilities can be found here. Some of the test facilities at the Turbomachinery Research laboratory include:

    Low speed, low turbulence wind tunnel, Low speed, 1.5 stage axial flow compressor test facility, annular/conical diffuser test facility, low speed compressor/turbine cascade wind tunnel and contra-rotating axial flow compressor test facility. Photographs of these test facilities can be found here
    Current research areas:
    1. Flow physics of tip leakage flows, blade tip de-sensitization
    2. Non-axisymmetric endwall contouring, with and without endwall motion
    3. Contra-rotating axial flow fan aerodynamics, inflow distortion, stall inception and control
    4. Exaust turbine diffuser flow aerodynamics, effect of inflow conditions and flow control
    5. Active and passtive flow control in serpentine intakes 

    Some of my earlier (Ph.D days) research details can be found here
    Publications borne out of these studies can be found here.

Courses Taught: 

AE 309 / AE 234 / AE 329 Aircraft Propulsion: Summer 2005, Autumn 2005, Autumn 2007, Spring 2014-2018
AE 152 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering: Spring 2019
AE 214 Thermodynamics: Spring 2008, 2009, 2010
AE 408 / 708 Aerospace Propulsion: Sping 2011, 2012, 2013
AE 711 Aircraft Propulsion: Autumn 2008, 2009, 2014, 2018
AE 782 Flow Control: Spring 2005, 2006, 2007, Autumn 2010
AE 651 Aerodynamics of Compressors and Turbines: Autumn 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015-2020

Shared Propulsion Laboratory (AE 316 and AE 607) with other colleagues from the Propulsion group every semester since 2005.