Personal Information
Full Name: Prof. Avijit Chatterjee
Building: Aero Annex
Phone: 25767128
Email: avijit[at]

Specialization: Aerodynamics


    GNU,  Jinju  S.Korea  (2007-2008),   ADA, Bangalore (1997 - 2001), Technion, Haifa (1995 - 1997)

Awards & Fellowships




  • A multilevel numerical approach with application in time-domain electromagnetics, Communications in Computational Physics, (2015).
  • Reducing aircraft radar cross section with owl wing type serrated trailing edges ( with Sai Teja & Manoj Vaghela), Current Science, (2017)
  • Higher-order multilevel framework for ADER scheme in computational aeroacoustics (with Subodh Joshi) , Journal Computaional Physics, (2017)
  • A p-variable higher-order finite volume time domain method for electromagnetic scattering  (with Subodh Joshi), Progress in Electromagnetics Research M, (2018)
  • Computing with large time steps in time-domain electromagnetics (with Nikitabahen Makwana), Journal Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, (2018)
  • Computing with large time steps for electromagnetic wave propagation in multilayered homeogenous media (with Nikitabahen Makwana), Progress in Electromagnetics Research M, (2019).
  • Reducing wing observability to radar using microserrations at leading edge (with K Sai Krishna Reddy), Current Science (2019)
R&D Areas/Projects: 

    CFD, Computational Electromagnetics, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Design

    • RCS analysis of AMCA intake duct and code development for radar absorbing materials, ADA, Bangalore,  2015
    • RCS of coated cavities in flying wing configurations, ADA Bangalore, 2016,
Courses Taught: 
  • Aerodynamics of Aerospace Vehicles 
  • Aircraft Design
  • Numerical Methods Conservation Laws
  • Aerodynamics Laboratory (with others)
  • Aircraft Design Laboratory (with others)