Personal Information
Full Name: Prof. Debasis Chakraborty
Room No: CoPT Office, Main Building
Phone: 25764950
Email: debasis_copt[at]

Specialization: Propulsion



    ​Prof. Debasis Chakraborty has worked for 35 years in VSSC/ISRO and DRDL/DRDO on many practical aerodynamics and propulsion design problems pertaining to ISRO’s satellite launch vehicles and DRDO’s strategic and tactical missiles. He has developed number of industry standard compressible CFD codes (RANS and LES) for aerodynamic and propulsion characterization of different kind of aerospace vehicles. His contributions in CFD simulations of external and internal flows has enabled the designers to take some standalone design decision based on numerical results without any experimental testing. He has published many papers in reputed international journals and conferences. He is the fellow of many prestigious professional bodies and received many awards. He is the review committee member of many national programs and member of editorial board of many aerospace journals. His research interest include Aerodynamics, Propulsion, CFD (RANS, LES, Grid free methods), Combustion, High speed reacting flows, modeling of turbulence – chemistry interaction, unsteady flows etc.