Personal Information
Full Name: Prof. P. M. Mujumdar
Building: Aero Main
Phone: 25767116
Email: mujumdar[at]

Specialization: Structures

Awards & Fellowships

    • As Faculty Member: 
      • Aeronautics Research and Development Board Research Excellence Award for the ARDB Project Work on "Estimation of Buckling Load of Damaged Composite Laminates by Vibration Methods" presented at the ARDB Silver Jubilee Celebration Function, NAL Bangalore, May 17-18, 1996.
    • As Student:
      • Institute Silver Medal of the IIT Bombay for standing First in B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering, 1981
      • IIT Bombay Institute Prizes for  standing first in B.Tech. Aerospace Engg., 1979, 1980
      • National Science Talent Search Scholarship, NCERT, New Delhi, 1976
  • Books - 1 (Editor)
  • Journal Papers - 7 + 1(accepted)
  • Conference Papers - 20 + 3(accepted)
  • Technical reports - 35
Courses Taught: 

Undergraduate courses taught

  • Introduction to Aeroelasticity
  • Aerospace Structures  II
  • Aerospace Structures III (Thin-walled structures)
  • Vibrations and Structural Dynamics
  • System Modelling and Dynamics (in part)
  • Continuum Mechanics
  • Aircraft Structures Laboratory
  • Instrumentation Laboratory (in part)

Postgraduate courses taught

  • Aircraft Structures
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Aeroelasticity
  • Unsteady Aerodynamics
  • Advanced Aeroelasticity
  • Experimental methods in Structural Dynamics
  • Optimization for Engineering Design (in part)
  • Aerospace Vehicle Dynamics and Control (in part)
  • Optimization Laboratory (Soft Lab.)
  • Applied Mechatronics (in part)

New courses developed/introduced

Contributed to the development of the syllabus and content in the following courses: Unsteady Aerodynamics, Advanced Aeroelasticity, Experimental Methods in Structural Dynamics, Continuum Mechanics (with Prof. G R Shevare), Applied Mechatronics (with Prof. K Sudhakar & Dr. H. Arya), Optimization Lab. (with Prof. K. Sudhakar and Prof. R K Pant)

Contributed to development of new laboratory experiments in existing laboratory Courses . - “Experimental Modal Analysis” for the Aircraft Structures Lab. and “Vibratory Motion Measurements using Accelerometers” for the Instrumentation Lab. Conceptualized and made a 28 min. educational video on the experiment “Flexural Buckling of beams” as an offline laboratory teaching aid.