Personal Information
Full Name: Prof. Nagendra Kumar
Building: Aero Main Building
Phone: 25767115
Email: nagendra[at]

Specialization: Propulsion


    Professional Experience

     Assistant Professor: Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), (Dec 2020 - present)

     Senior Project Officer: Centre of Propulsion Technology (CoPT) - IIT Madras (Aug 2018 – Nov 2020)


     Ph.D. & M.Tech [Aerospace Engineering]: Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai, India (2012-2018)

     B.E. [Aero-Mechanical]: Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI), New Delhi, India (2007-2011)


Selected Refereed Publications (Journals)

  1. K. Nagendra, C. Vijay, P.A. Ramakrishna, Combustion of Ammonium Perchlorate Monopropellant: Role of Heat Loss, Combustion and Flame, (2019) pp. 363-375.
  2. K. Nagendra, C. Vijay, M. Ingole, P.A. Ramakrishna, Experimental Studies on Low Pressure Deflagration Limit of Ammonium Perchlorate with Additives, Combustion and Flame, (2019) pp. 356-367.
  3. K. Nagendra, C. Vijay, P.A. Ramakrishna, Binder Melt: Quantification Using SEM/EDS and its Effects on Composite Solid Propellant Combustion, Proceedings of Combustion Institute, (2019) pp. 3151-3158.
  4. B.N. Rao, K. Malkappa, K. Nagendra, T. Jana, Ferrocene Grafted Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene: A Binder for Propellant with Improved Burn Rate, Polymer, (2019) pp. 162-170.
  5. K. Nagendra, Y.A. Raj, P.A. Ramakrishna, Extinction of AP Monopropellant by Rapid Depressurization: Computational and Experimental Studies, Combustion and Flame, (2017) pp. 90-100.

Book Chapters

  1. K. Nagendra, C. Vijay, M. Ingole, P.A. Ramakrishna, Combustion of Ammonium Perchlorate: New Findings, In: Editors: Pang W., DeLuca L., Gronov A., Cumming A. (eds) Innovative Energetic Materials: Properties, Combustion Performance and Application, Springer Nature.


  1. P.A. Ramakrishna, Nikunj Rathi, Nagendra Kumar, Method of Making An Intricate Grain Design For Solid Propellants Using Wax Based Disposable Mandrel. (IDF 1532)