Personal Information
Full Name: Prof. Niranjan Krishna Naik
Phone: 25767101
Email: nknaik[at]

Specialization: Structures

Awards & Fellowships

    • Aerospace Engineering Division Gold Medal of the Institution of Engineers (India) for 1992-93
    • Professor H. H. Mathur award for Excellence in Research in Applied Sciences 2006 (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)
    • Excellence in Aerospace Education Award 2008 (The Aeronautical Society of India)
    • Shri Hotchand M. Lala and Shrimati Jamuna H. Lala Excellence in Teaching Award, 2013 (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)
    • Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering  2005
    • Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, India 2004
    • Fellow of the Aeronautical Society of India (F-596)
    • Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India), Aerospace Engineering Division (F/100972/5)
    • Life Member of the Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (L/241)
    • Life Member of the Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers (L 150/468)
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    DOI: 10.1177/1056789514531440
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R&D Areas / Projects:

  • Thermomechanical Analysis of 2D / 3D Woven and Braided Composites
  • Low Velocity Impact / Ballistic Impact Behavior of Composites
  • Strain Rate Effects on the Mechanical Behavior of Composites
  • Honeycomb Sandwich Structures with Composite Inserts
  • Hybrid Composites
  • Fatigue and Fracture Behavior of Composites
  • Carbon Nanotube  Dispersed Resins and Polymer Matrix Composites



Courses Taught: 
  • Fiber Reinforced Composites
  • Introduction to Composite Structures
  • Composite Structures Analysis and Design
  • Aircraft Production
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Processes
  • Aircraft Assembly Techniques and Tooling