Personal Information
Full Name: Prof. Sudarshan Kumar
Phone: 25767124
Email: sudar[at]

Specialization: Propulsion


    PhD (Aerospace Engineering), IISc (2004)

Awards & Fellowships

    1. The IIT Bombay Young Investigator Award for the Year 2011 (2012)

    2. INAE Young Engineer Award (2011).

    3. First prize winner of SAFRAN-French Embassy awards (2007) for PhD thesis in Aerospace Engineering field.

    4. Dr. Bernard Lewis Fellowship (2002). This award is conferred to selected bright young combustion scientists by The Combustion Institute, USA biennially.


1.F. Sirotkin, R. Fursenko, Sudarshan Kumar, S. Minaev, ''Flame anchoring regime of filterational gas combustion: Theory and experiment,'' Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, (2017) In press.

2. Aditya P. Singh, V. R. Kishore, Y. Yoon, S. Minaev, Sudarshan Kumar, ''Effect of wall thermal boundary conditions on flame dynamics of CH4-air and H2-air mixtures in straight microtubes,'' Combustion Science and Technology (2016) In press.

3. Amit Katoch, M. Asad, S. Minaev, Sudarshan Kumar, ''Measurement of laminar burning velocities of methanol-air mixtures at elevated temperatures,'' Fuel Vol. 182, 57-63 (2016).

4. B. Aravind, V. R. Kishore, Aditya P. Singh, Y. Yoon, S. Minaev, Sudarshan Kumar, ''Investigations on flame dynamics of premixed H2-air mixtures in microscale tubes,'' RSC Advances, Vol. 6 (55), 50358-50367 (2016).

5. R Fursenko, A Maznoy, E Odintsov, A Kirdyashkin, S Minaev, Sudarshan Kumar, ''Temperature and radiative characteristics of cylindrical porous Ni-Al burners,'' International Journal of Heat and Mass transfer, Vol. 98, 277-284 (2016).

R&D Areas/Projects: 

    Micro combustion, flameless combustion, MILD combustion, Emission reduction from combustion systems, Measurement of laminar burning velocity at higher mixture temperatures, Modeling of combustion systems, Rocket propellants, Supersonic combustion modeling, Turbulent combustion modeling, Lifted flames, Pattern formation of flames, Combustion instabilities in rocket engines, Active combustion control in gas turbine engines, Pulse detonation engines

PhD TA Topics: 

    Laminar burning velocity at higher mixture temperatures Pulse detonation engines, Flame stabilization in micro combustors, Spray combustion, supersonic combustion

Courses Taught: 

Aviation fuels and their combustion, Thermodynamics, Aerospace propulsion, Computational heat transfer