Presentation Guidelines

Presentation format:

1) Evaluation of BTech seminars, MTech seminars, and stage I of BTP, DDP and MTP will be based on oral classroom presentation. Evaluation of stage II of BTP, MTP and DDP will be based on poster presentations.

2) Instructions for oral presentation:

The presentation will be for 12 minutes followed by 13 minutes of question answers.

Presentation has to be made using PC and LCD projector.

A timer must be used during the presentation.

The presentation should be limited to 12 slides (including links). The first slide should give the title and objectives of the project. Not more than 2 slides should be devoted to the state of the art. The last slide should be on conclusions and contribution of the stage/project.

All fonts on the slides should be between font sizes 24 and 32.

      3) Instructions for poster presentation:

The poster presentation should be limited to eight A4 sized posters only.

The first poster should give the titles and objectives, while the last slide should give the conclusions and contributions.

All fonts on the posters should be between font sizes 24 and 32.